There are many compelling reasons to consider publishing a blog.
Blogging can be a useful tool for:

  • Business websites – to keep your customers informed on topics of interest
  • Businesses – notify customers about sales, specials and events
  • Members of online communities to share their experiences and opinions
  • Non-profit websites – to communicate with their members
  • Individuals to express themselves in words, pictures, video, etc.
  • Friends and families to keep in touch


We recommend WordPress for our clients who blog. WordPress is Open-Source software that runs on a web server. The benefits of using WordPress are many, including:

  • Cost — The WordPress application is FREE. There are no licensing or monthly fees.
  • Ease of Use — WordPress sports a user-friendly interface for writing and editing.
  • Security — WordPress features strong online security against hackers. Multiple user accounts can be created for a blog, with varying permission levels.
  • Open-Source Development — A large, world-wide development community is committed to constantly improving the software.
  • Plug-ins — Hundreds of plug-ins enable us to build cool features into your WordPress site or blog. Some examples are: e-commerce, photo galleries, and event calendars.
  • Access — Post to your blog or update your website from any internet-connected computer.
  • Customization — We can create a custom theme for your blog or website to make it look the way you want it to.

In addition to blogs, we use WordPress as the foundation for our sites that require a content management system (CMS). We have found WordPress to be quick and easy for our clients to learn, and its ease of use encourages timely updates. Best of all, YOU are in charge of how and when to update your site!