Responsive Design

apple-iphone-web-browser-google-smMobile Web Design & Development

  • Yesterday’s Web sites were designed for viewing on desktop and laptop computers.
  • Today’s Web sites need to be designed for mobile devices too.

Mobile devices, including cell phones, smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and Android phones, the BlackBerry, the iPad, and other tablet devices account for an ever-increasing share of Web browsing — over 30% of browsing according to recent studies. It is essential to design your Web site to be accessible to phones and other mobile devices, with web content formatted to make it “friendly” for viewing and navigating on a small screen. We build our new WordPress sites according to responsive design principles — your website content automatically re-formats itself to display appropriately on each user’s device.

Web pages designed for mobile devices should feature:

  • android-phone-tabletnavigation specifically designed for mobile devices
  • small images, if any are needed
  • appropriate feedback to provide context to the user
  • “light” page weights to minimize downloading time and cost
  • reformatting of content appropriate to the user’s screen size

We keep current with recommendations and best practices in Mobile Web development as this segment of the Web grows exponentially and heads toward maturity. Our goal is to make your website look great and work properly for all of your viewers.