Hosting FAQ

Why do I need Web hosting?

Once your site is created, it must live on a server connected to the internet. When someone navigates to your site, the server sends the appropriate pages to the user’s computer as they are requested. A properly configured Web server allows multiple users to browse your site simultaneously.

Does iKnow register domain names?

Yes. We can search for and register a domain name on your behalf. Once a domain name has been registered ( we can configure the name to point to the hosting Web server for your site. Initial domain registration and annual domain renewals are $20/yr.

What’s included in the WordPress Managed Hosting Plan?

If you have a website powered by WordPress, it is necessary to keep your WordPress installation and plugins used on your site up-to-date in order to keep your site secure. We perform WordPress updates as needed as part of our Managed Hosting plan. Sites on our managed plan are hosted on our virtual private server, which is fast, extremely reliable, and all your data is backed up nightly. This plan is strongly recommended for all sites with user-managed content.

Can I check my e-mail from anywhere?

Yes. Wherever you have Internet access, you can easily check your e-mail with a Web browser. You can also configure your e-mail to work with any popular e-mail program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Apple Mail.