• green-dollar-sign-smDo you have products that you’ve considered selling online?
  • Would you like to charge for digital downloads of music, audio files or e-books?
  • Would you like to accept credit card payments on the web for services you provide?
  • Have you wondered if setting up e-commerce on your site is within your budget?
  • Whether you have one item or hundreds, we can set you up with an e-commerce solution that fits your needs.

A few items or a whole catalog…

At the simple end of the spectrum are PayPal buttons, which can be placed on a page if you are selling just a few items. Using PayPal is an economical approach to e-commerce for many customers, and an easy way to break into online sales.

At the other end of the spectrum are sites with many products which need to be organized and sorted according to your criteria, with the resulting catalog displayed to your customers. Inventory can be tracked, if necessary. Sites of this nature require a fully-implemented cart and checkout solution that interfaces with your payment gateway (such as Paypal or Authorize.net). Chances are your needs fall somewhere on this e-commerce spectrum, and we are happy to give you guidance in this area.

A few reasons to consider PayPal for online sales:

1. You can accept credit cards without needing an expensive merchant account

credit_cardsWith PayPal, you can accept all major credit cards as well as payments from bank accounts. Your customer doesn’t have to be a member of PayPal to pay by credit card. No merchant account is required.

2. Low Cost

There are no initial or monthly fees to join PayPal. Fees are 2.9% of sales and $0.30 per transaction (slightly more for foreign transactions, less for high volumes).

3. Flexible and Easy to Use

PayPal payments can be made in several different currencies for digital or physically shipped products, services, recurring payments (like subscriptions), donations, etc. PayPal is easy for you to use and straightforward for us to set up.

4. Free PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPal comes with its own free, built-in shopping cart.

WordPress + e-Commerce = easy

paypalIf you have one of our content-managed sites powered by WordPress, integrating PayPal into your site is an easy and cost-effective e-commerce solution. We can even add PayPal payment buttons for a few items to simple, brochure-style sites.