The Team

iKnow is a Web design and development company based in Portland, Maine. Kevin Johannen and Dave Mallon joined forces and founded iKnow in 2007. We work collaboratively on all of our Web projects to the benefit of our customers. We have over two decades of experience in interface and usability design, content development, video and audio production, Web programming, and database applications.

Kevin Johannen

I enjoy working with people to promote their businesses and organizations online, doing my best to help them to succeed.

I have been an interactive media developer for the past 20 years, learning to implement new technologies as they come along. Before the days of Web design, I developed interactive educational CD-ROMs and DVDs for teaching Biology. My scientific background has taught me to identify the individual needs of each project, and to take a methodical and thorough approach to each website we build.

David Mallon

I develop custom code and WordPress plugins that meet the needs of our clients.

Every project has unique needs and challenges. I enjoy doing the research and asking the questions to solve those challenges.

I couldn’t do any of this without appropriate amounts of delicious coffee.